Divania / Horo is a family story, now in its second generation. Founded in 1995 as the evolution of an artisan upholstery company born in Umbria thirty years earlier, the company then began to invest and grow. Over time, the three sons have gradually integrated into the corporate fabric, each bringing their own specific experiences and inclinations, preserving their family dimension and expressing a close link between the company and their life and aspirations. Divania / Horo today has 50 employees and covers over 6000 square metres, deals with "turnkey" realisations of furniture and supplies in the residential, hospitality, office and nautical areas.

Philosophy and culture

The three owners are personally involved in the company, united by the common passion and sharing of objectives. Professionalism, dynamism, desire to overcome challenges, these are the qualities that are required of employees because Divania / Horo is a company but above all a group of people, a work group that shares a project and grows by working together. Thanks to this team spirit and the know-how built up over the years, the company guarantees the technical-executive development of tailor-made creations in collaboration with the client and with architects for turnkey projects.

Italian Design

Manual skills, craftsmanship, research, attention to the environment, craftsmanship and creativity are the concepts behind the special way of imagining, designing and manufacturing products. An all-Italian identity of values, a manufacturing quality that is evident in the creations, a particular attention to Italian design that stands out in the world for its elegance, lifestyle, competence, intellectual honesty. A style that never gets old, sober and measured, intended to satisfy the customer's needs.


Each project carried out is the result of the best materials, of the most accurate processing and careful quality controls. Cutting-edge machinery for the wood and textiles sectors and highly specialised personnel combine in order to produce quality products and supplies that summarise competence, expertise and attention to detail for projects for hotels, restaurants, shops, residences, yachts, etc.


Land of saints, leaders and art, Umbria.

This is also part of the natural inclination towards aesthetics and culture that distinguishes us. Culture for us is also the preservation of the ancient villages restored with great care using the original materials. The tradition of steel, but also of wood and stone. Peace, serenity and the tranquillity of our landscapes constitute the ideal background that has inspired artists, writers and poets in the past and still inspires Horo today, every day. An eye, ours, trained in proportions, taste, beauty.
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Horo is an ISO 9001 certified company because it believes that the dictates of the certification itself can lead to transversal business growth, aiming primarily at:
  • improving the image and credibility of the company to increase customer confidence by demonstrating that it can do what it promises
  • improving customer satisfaction by identifying and satisfying their requirements and needs in order to build loyalty
  • creating an internal culture of continuous improvement with a view to obtaining ever greater results in terms of time, money and resources, stimulating the workforce to improve the processes for which it is directly responsible.

Horo also affirms its commitment to environmental protection, the reduction and prevention of pollution resulting from the activities carried out and the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

Thanks to a careful initial environmental analysis and periodic environmental analysis, the company has identified and considered the activities that produce environmental impacts (significant or not) and has foreseen and adopted preventive measures to reduce, or at least monitor, the significant impacts.

Last but not least, the careful choice of suppliers which therefore reveals a sensitivity suitable for protecting the environment, focusing on the purchase of selected and guaranteed raw materials from certified companies, each according to its own standards.

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